VCrown is VDarts Tournament System. Currently both single and double elimination systems are supported for up to 32 players. All VDarts members can set up in a few steps a VCrown Tournament using VDarts app.

Note: Please bear in mind that VCrown is currently only available on Android devices. We apologize to our iOS users. We are working on updating the app iOS version in the near future.

  1. Open VDarts APP
VDarts APP icon

2. Log in to your member account and click on the “VCrown” icon

VDarts APP – Main Page

3. Click “Host a VCrown”

VCrown – Main Page

4. Enter the tournament title and select the dartboard type
– Soft is relative to Soft-tip dartboards (such as H4 and H4L)
– Steel is relative to Steel-tip ones (such as Mini Steel)

Host a VCrown – Dartboard Type

5. Click “Device Type” and choose which products can join your tournament.
– Home: relative to home use dartboards (like H4 and H4L)
– Com: relative to commercial use coin-operated dart machines (such Mini Pro and 3L)
– Mix: both home and commercial are included

Host a VCrown – Device Type

6. Set the start date/time of your tournament

Host a VCrown – Start Time Setting

7. Select the competition type: either K.O. (single elimination) or Double K.O (double elimination)

Host a VCrown Page

8. Select the number of players: either 8, 16 or 32.

Host a VCrown Page – No. of Participants

9. Indicate if you would like to join the tournament or not (YES/NO)

Host a VCrown – Join Game

10. Select the type of game for each round: either 501, 701, Cricket or Random

Host a VCrown – Games

11. Select the rating range where N1 is the lowest rating and SSS28 is the highest.

12. Select the registration fee (to be paid in VCoins)
– select 0: to play for free

13. Press “CONFIRM” to complete the tournament setup

Host a VCrown – Registration Fee