Please read the following carefully before confirming that you agree to apply for an account to protect your rights. If you have any questions, please ask us immediately.
Welcome to join as a VDarts member.

This contract specifies the rights, obligations and applicable conditions and terms when using the VDarts membership system services, and also records the responsibilities of the company. In order to protect your rights, please read all the contents of this contract carefully before registering as a member.

Suspension Management Policy (applicable to all games of the company)
Please note that if the personal information provided when registering as a VDarts member does not match with the real information or is incomplete, the company has the right to terminate or temporarily refuse to provide service to the member account.

Due to the different types of games, according to the management needs for each game, it may be possible to announce the details of punishment for special circumstances on the official website of the game, but the rules are all set in accordance with these conditions.

■ Penalty for Violation (The punishment may be increased depending on the severity of the circumstances.)
【Category 1】
◎ 1st Violation: 1 Warning / Speech Restriction / Forced Logout
◎ 2nd Violation: Suspension for 1-7 days
◎ 3 or more violations: Permanent suspension

★ Inappropriate speech:
In order to maintain a good atmosphere and allow members use the game system normally, please abide by the online etiquette and maintain a clean and simple game process.

In addition to all the services provided by VDarts, members are not allowed to use the services provided by the company to use swear words, homonyms, anatomical terms, insults on public channels (including but not limited to game channels, social networking sites, live platforms, etc.)
Other instructions are as follows:

1. Send messages in forums and game channels that contain low-level, profane, rude, abusive, defamatory, personal attacks, threats, provocations, racial and gender discrimination, indecent texts, obscene and provocative, pornographic content or connotations. (If you speak on a non-public channel, the company will not take the initiative to interfere, but if a major violation occurs, the company has the right to intervene, and members are responsible for their own legal responsibility.)
2. Shouting recurrently on public channels causing other members to be unable to use the channel normally, such as continuous meaningless content, spamming the same text or speaking in a frequent manner, etc.
3. Any commercial advertisement not directly related to the game.
4. Remarks that violate the protection of personal privacy data and affect the rights and privacy of third parties.
5. Any racial discrimination, or the content of words that have a negative impact on children.
6. Inappropriate remarks involving family members (including but not limited to second-degree relations), sexual harassment or gender discrimination may be punished according to the circumstances.
7. Infringe the intellectual property rights, copyrights or public/private rights of any third party.
8. Publishing content and behavior that violates any laws and regulations, good customs, or providing false or untrue ways of storing value will be directly punished with permanent suspension.
9. Content that contains criminal acts or instigates a crime.

★ Malicious Report
If the reported information is deliberately falsified, deliberately framed, or provides wrong information and causes other members’ rights and interests to suffer losses, the malicious whistleblower will be punished.

★ Maliciously disrupting the game
Acceptance of behaviors that cause and spread game imbalances, including but not limited to the use of in-game loopholes, and the use of imbalances caused by non-in-game reasonable methods.

★Affect the operation of the customer service center
1. Repeated reporting of problems or meaningless words, slowing down the speed of customer service to deal with problems.
2. Maliciously filling in the information with false or incomplete information, which hinders the service operation of the customer service staff, and is invalid after persuasion.
3. When using the service of the customer service center, the content of the report contains words that are offensive, indecent, or obscene, or involve harassment, slander, or attack on the company and its employees, affecting customer service staff and customer service center operations.

★Hinder game manager
1. The game administrators assigned by the company in the game have the right to immediately suspend any game account online rights that may harm the game system, or hold relevant online activities. Not favoritism.
2. The responsibilities of the in-game game administrator are mainly to investigate violations in the game, maintain in-game order, and hold relevant online activities, and will not take the initiative to respond to questions from online members.
3. If the administrator of the game has no meaning on the Internet or if he speaks continuously, he will be punished according to the seriousness of the circumstances.
【Category 2】
◎ Violation penalty: Permanent suspension

★Using or spreading illegal methods to disrupt the balance of the game
Using or disseminating illegal means to disrupt the balance of the game (game cheating) means, but is not limited to the following acts:
1. Multiple Accounts
a. The same IP address or a large number of accounts are created at the same time.
b. Use similar, related, sorting, serial numbers or account IDs with specific rules.
2. Malicious laundering of currency, props, achievements or experience, etc.
a. If the user account colludes with other user accounts in the game causing losses to other user accounts, all members who participate or assist in violation of the rules will be punished.
b. Abnormal behavior is found, such as circulating and trading props, game coins, or concentrating on specific accounts, laving scores/experience points, etc.
3. Spreading illegal games
a. Dissemination involves transactions or exchanges with real-life money or things of value, including but not limited to electromagnetic records such as achievements, tablets, winning percentages (including acts involving dissemination, broadcasting or publication that are sufficient to induce, media, imply or otherwise induce artificial advertisers of cash transactions).
Note: All cash transactions are purely the behavior of individual members. If any problems including but not limited to achievements, tablets, and winning percentages obtained through unofficial licensed channels must be borne by other members themselves, the company is not responsible, and the company will cooperate to provide relevant information to facilitate police investigation.
b. Game benefits obtained in an improper way, in addition to suspension, the official may confiscate the improper benefits obtained during the illegal game.

★Play games with inappropriate programs
If the system automatically detects plug-in blocking, the detailed violations are subject to the system’s determination.
1. Do not directly or indirectly install/open, execute, use or distribute unofficial inappropriate programs and private servers, including general plug-ins and other auxiliary tools, programs and other illegal tools that damage the balance of the game.
2. The person under investigation must correctly respond to the inquiries of the investigators, and must not respond to the investigation with meaningless words, repetitions or unanswered dialogues, including but not limited to: others playing games on behalf of others, not understanding the text, fleeing the scene, leaving the game, dialogue The window is closed or the game view cannot observe the surroundings or other reasons, etc., to avoid the inquiry and testing of the investigators, and it is forbidden to intimidate or abuse the investigators. If the person under investigation continues to perform actions, but does not respond correctly to the inquiry of the investigation officer, it will be regarded as using a plug-in/auxiliary program and punished according to the rules of the game.
3. The promotion of plug-in URLs, plug-in names or invitations in forums and various game channels, and teaching other users to use “any unofficially provided auxiliary programs, plug-in programs, acceleration programs, modification programs and other illegal tools” shall be regarded as spreading plug-ins. The company may suspend the use rights of its members.
4. For those who use or distribute plug-ins seriously, the right to trace member accounts, devices, and IP addresses will be suspended; the transferred game coins and treasures will be traced and recovered as illegal items.

★Involving theft or fraud of other members’ items
Stealing or involving fraudulent other member items, including but not limited to account ID, member information, props, game currency, the official will deal with the following:
1. If it is verified to be true, the company will terminate the right to use of its members.
2. The company may terminate the right to use of its members if their personal actions involve judicial cases, or are found to have engaged in any illegal acts by the judicial authorities.
3. The transferred account ID, member information, props, game currency and points will be traced and recovered as illegal items.

★ Conduct, promote or publish acts that violate the laws of various countries
Members are not allowed to use the services provided by the company to send content that violates the laws of various countries, including but not limited to enticing others to commit crimes, committing crimes, instigating crimes, selling drugs, firearms and other illegal items, involving the publication of aided dating, pornography, illegal agency, etc.

★Destroy, hack, tamper or crack any game program/server/client data
1. Do not intrude, intercept, destroy, crack, modify, reverse, compile, change the original program, server-side or client-side data.
2. Improperly tampering with the game account password, copying and changing the package value, etc., changing the game content data or using the game in other improper ways.
3. Perform software conversion engineering on game programs and web page mechanisms, change the lock and unlock on the original program system, change member game account ID and password by other improper methods, or change game content data by copying and changing package values ​​or for other improper use.

★Use bugs to play the game
After members discover bugs in the game, they must promptly report to the company instead of using them. Using bugs to play games refers to, but is not limited to, the following behaviors:
1. During the test provided by the official or the free trial period, the item, level and money retrospective caused by the game BUG will not be responsible for compensation.
2. Take advantage of bugs in the game, game loopholes or imperfections in the rules, play the game in a way that violates fairness and reasonableness, and even cause the server to increase the burden or crash, so as to benefit yourself and others, resulting in the game Unbalanced behavior, bugs will be mainly identified by the company.
3. The use of bugs to obtain or copy virtual treasures, experience points, character information, levels or any other benefits in the game, resulting in an imbalance in the game, affecting the rights and interests of other members, and causing effects that are not within the scope of the original design are all related. All the information after verification is true, the illegal benefits directly and indirectly obtained by members using bugs to play games will be recovered according to the situation.
4. If the situation is so serious that it is impossible to correctly recover the illegal benefits, or the illegal benefits may be associated with other circumstances that cannot be retroactive, the account will be suspended.
5. Various bug triggering methods shall not be publicly discussed in any way in the public area of ​​the game.

★Using illegal mechanisms to obtain game currency or props
1. Including, but not limited to, the use of system abnormalities, bugs, illegal mechanisms, and illegal programs to produce items, or fraud, theft, misappropriation of other members’ items, and improper receipt of the aforementioned items.
2. The transferred game coins and treasures are regarded as illegal goods and will be traced and recovered according to the situation.

★(intent) cash trading member account
Member accounts may not be traded in any form or consideration. Any disputes arising from the transfer of the member account or the joint use of the member account by two or more persons shall be borne by the other members, and the company shall not be held responsible.

★Fake official staff
Including but not limited to impersonating the name of an official, using a similar official account, using an official tone or tone to guide or attempt to cause other members to misunderstand to hold events, publish news, conduct fraud, make inappropriate remarks, or any other way that hinders other members from playing the game normally. behavior.

★Sharing accounts destroys the balance of the game
1. Giving the account to others or using the account of others will destroy the balance of the game.
2. Members should keep their account ID and password properly, and shall not transfer, deliver, disclose or lend the group of account ID and password to a third party. Disputes such as suspension of rights, virtual treasure, points, accgrades, rankings, and points, whether or not the official anti-theft mechanism is activated, are regarded as shared accounts, and members must bear all losses.
【Category 3】
◎The right to be suspended depends on the circumstances, please contact the customer service center.

★Fake member information
1. Those who use information other than their own to register as a member and have been verified as false information.
2. If a member deliberately publishes false personal information, which constitutes a breach of contract, the company may terminate and withdraw his member account, and will not be liable for any damages. If the company suffers losses due to this, the company will claim relevant compensation and punitive liquidated damages, and members should bear all civil and criminal responsibilities arising from this behavior (including but not limited to forgery of documents in criminal law, fraud, obstruction of electromagnetic records) and other related crimes).

★Member information is not filled in or filled in incorrectly
1. Members have the obligation to log in with real information. If members agree and need to use all the details of the company’s services, they must be certified by the system developed by the company, otherwise the company is not obliged to provide complete service content.
2. Members need to provide complete, detailed and true personal information when registering, and if the information registered by the member is changed later, they should update it online at any time or apply for changes through membership services.
3. If the personal information provided by the member is incorrect or the information originally registered has not been updated, or there is any misleading suspicion, the company reserves the right to terminate the membership at any time before the member provides the real information or updates the information. The rights of various services (including but not limited to the services of suspending members’ games and inquiring about game history).

★A letter from the competent authority or a cash flow businessman requesting to be locked
Letters from the competent authorities include orders from public agencies, procuratorial agencies, judicial authorities or other government agencies; letters from cash flow merchants include the manufacturers we cooperate with. Whether or not to unlock will depend on the processing progress of the competent authority and the cash flow merchant.
【Category 4】
◎First violation: send a warning letter and monitoring within a time limit
◎No improvement within the time limit / Violation again
◎ No improvement or violation more than three times: Permanent suspension.

★ Inappropriate game name

★ Inappropriate avatar pictures
Members using direct, indirect, dialect, slang, typo, phonetic, numbers or graphics to express profanity, homophony, insults or reverse writing of such words. Game names or avatar images with the following definitions are not allowed:
1. Containing low-level, profane, rude, abusive, defamatory, personal attacks, threats, provocations, racial and gender discrimination, indecent texts, provocative, obscene, pornographic content or connotations, contrary to good customs, harmful to children or disturbing other members.
2. Commercial or other advertising.
3. Injuring the rights and privacy of third parties or insinuating the names of others.
4. Violating any law or good custom, committing a criminal act or instigating a crime.
5. If the character name contains special characters, blank characters or special symbols or similar official names, it will be forced to change the name directly depending on the situation.