VDARTS membership card and rating

What is a little card for?

In every box of H2/H2L dartboard there is a free VDarts member card.This card needed for playing on VDarts machines in bars and clubs.So,if you have a bar nearby with VDarts machine,you can use this card to pay for games instead of using cash.

How to use this card?

1.Register a new account on http://login.vdarts.net/signUp.html website

2.Enter 6~15 digits or English letters for account number while registration

3.Verify your E-mail address

4.Login on membership website – Click on Member Card – Click on Add new member card – Add your membership card to your account.

If you want log in VDartsGame,please directly type your account number and password in app!

If you recharge your account,the credits on account can be used to play on VDarts bar machine by using card.


How can I get rating?

If you using account/card for the first time,you will need to play more than 10 games (501,Standard Cricket) each and system will calculate average for both this games and your total average.Only online and offline 501/St. Cricket are affected on total average.

After that rating is calculated from the average of 30 last games.