H2 power cord problems

1.Check power cord plugged in perfectly while installation
2.Check power switch is turned on (if you couldn’t say for sure,check if H2 Bluetooth indicator glowing with blue light)
3.Check if voltage you using meet designated wattage
4.Use a voltmeter to test current power line
5.Check your extension cord is used for integrity or remove the power cords of other electronic devices

If every above steps been checked and problems still exist,please send pictures,video and description of issues to support@vdarts.tw . Accompanied by video and detailed problem description,contact info and time, We’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours.

(In above-mentioned testing time without technical staff under the guidance of self-disassembly H2 replacement parts or test of the operation, the company will not provide warranty)

Thanks for your support!
VDarts Customer Service Center