APP Bluetooth Connection

After downloading the APP, please start directly, the app will connect the Bluetooth automatically;
If it doesn’t work successfully, please manually connect the Bluetooth by the following steps : Setting–Bluetooth–Searching VDarts H2–Connecting VDarts H2–Enter the PIN NO.1608.
When it connects successfully, please restart the game and enter it.

If there is no Bluetooth connection
1.Close the app, check if the H2 dartboard Bluetooth indicator is glowing
(Restart board and close app totally from background memory,start the app again,wait 5-10 seconds)
Try to connect again after above process
2.Try to connect it manually by using pairing code:1608(board name for android Bluetooth connection is VDarts H2)
3.If manual pairing failed try to restart your phone/tablet
4.If all above methods were unsuccessful,please provide your
device model name, system version,version of the APP
5.Attach pictures of the problem

6.Provide information,send email to We’ll do our best to respond within 24 hours.
The following information:
VDARTS GAME APP download market (Such as Apple Store, google play,VDARTS LINK)
VDARTS GAME APPversion ( in APP setting )
Phone(tablet) model
Android(iOS) version
the Full VIDEO of the connect to dartboard (From the beginning, power on H2/L , active Bluetooth, open the APP, wait for 10 seconds, throw darts)

NOTE: You can also try using other devices to connect to the board.

Thanks for your support!
VDarts Customer Service Center