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Member Service Agreement

Thanks for your support of VDartsGame!The internal testing is preparing for going public; And we ‘d like to invite you and other players to join this plan.If you are a person with an adventurous spirit, if you want to break through yourself to pursue of fresh experience, VDartsGame is our common choice!What are you waiting for? Let’s go!

Your support is our growth motivation, and in this plan, VDartsGame will continue to send delicate gifts to you for thanks your participation, and let’s enjoy the fresh experience now!

In addition, to protect your rights, please read the Terms and Conditions of Service carefully. By using the services provided here, you are agreeing to all of the Terms and Conditions of Service.

  1. 1.Definitions
      The nouns of The Terms and Conditions of Service (hereinafter referred to as “The Terms”) are defined as follows,:

    2. “APP”: Refers to the game software–VDartsGame, supplied by our company to users, and other related items and services bought by users, including all free and chargeable items.
    3. “User”: Refers to users who download the APP or its services by accessing or using the services that you agree to be bound by The Terms, buying the APP and other items supplied by our company.
  2. 2.Recognition and acceptance of The Terms
    1. This terms refers to the rules and items which should be obeyed by users, who use the APP software supplied by our company.
    2. If User download or use APP after publishing The Terms in APP or related website, it is deemed to the User have read The Terms carefully and agree with it.If User is minor, he/she must obtain the agreement of legal representative, and then has the right to use the APP. Downloading or using the app will be considered as the legal representative is agreeing to comply The Terms.
    3. If User purchases the chargeable and additional items of the APP, which will be considered as agreeing to comply with The Terms.
    4. When using this APP, User should comply with it if there are upgrading items. Upgrading regardless of their nominal terms, it should be considered as part of this item.
  3. 3.Scope of Responsibility
    1. When using APP, User should use the operating system designated by the Company.
    2. User shall understand that APP need to be updated regularly to the latest version. There are some situations may cause the APP cannot be used, such as without any update, lacking of equipment condition or capacity.
    3. User should know about that it may cause all game records of APP to disappear when you delete APP or change operating system of APP. In this case, User is not allowed to raise objection for this.
    4. User will suspended to use the APP immediately once with the following behavior according to the judgment of the company.:
      1. Violation of this term, to add or modify The Terms.
      2. Inappropriate behavior confirmed by Company.
  4. 4.User registration and login
    1. If the company has the provision of “after user agree with this items and all specification, he/she shall register before login to use the app”, User will be considered to understand and agree with this provision when he/she agrees with this item.
  5. 5.Personal Data Protection
    1. Personal data protection deals with Personal Data Protection Act and relevant laws provision.
    2. Company can legitimate use their personal information according to the games requirement as follows,:
      1. To store the data of User.
      2. To publish User’s integral and ranking of games, or other behaviors to add entertainment for games.
    3. Agreeing with this item means that User agrees with the company can legitimately use their personal data.
  6. 6.Free/charge additional items
    1. User can enjoy the additional services of the APP, including free and charge items.
    2. User could use this item after he/she has paid successfully to our account. If User is minor, he/she must obtain the agreement from their legal representative.Downloading or using the app is considered as their legal representatives agree to this terms and specification.
    3. When User buying this item, he/she shall bear the consumption taxes and other related fee which incurred from it.
    4. The Company reserves the right to change items of this project and without notice.
    5. Except the relevant legal provisions of special recognition, User could not request to refund the purchased items.
    6. The above five points are suitable for integral usage.
  7. 7.User’s Duties and Responsibilities
      User must comply with the laws of the republic of China related to the APP, and can not have the following forbidding behaviors::

    1. User should not have any violation or breach of the company, other users or the Third Party.
    2. User shall presents a good faith and society common morality, should not to violate of public order and social morality.
    3. User shouldn’t use this APP to spread computer viruses, Trojan horse programs, etc.
    4. Any malicious acts that resulting burden to the Company or other server’s network systems are not allowed.
    5. Solicitation / lure / encourage suicide, collective suicide, self-mutilation, use illegal drugs and other acts are not allowed.
    6. Without the formal authority of the Company, User is not allowed to publish user’s data or scatter spam emails for the purpose of doing commercial advertising and publicity.
    7. Falsification of identity, standing for the legal representative and lie to have partnership with legal representative without authority.
    8. Plugin program and damage the fairness of games by using the app.
    9. Other unsuitable behaviors judged by the company.
    10. We will punish the User who has the above behaviors in accordance with the law.
  8. 8.Intellectual Property RightsThe APP, as well as those constitute the APP, such as computer programs, software, database, page layout, trademarks, logos and all other information (except profile picture of player), and its intellectual property rights and other rights, are possessed by Company and the obligee authorized by Company, and all those will be protected by the intellectual and property-related laws of Republic of China and relevant international intellectual property laws.
  9. 9.Disputes among Users
    1. The Company shall not be held any responsibility for disputes and litigations among Users.
    2. If User has suspicion for violating this item, he/she will be punished by the Company after receiving report.
  10. 10.The Right to Change or Modify APP
    1. We reserve the right to change, increase or repeal all or portion of the content of APP without prior notice to Users.
    2. We shall not be responsible for any damages or compensation responsibilities which are incurred by above items.
  11. 11.The Affairs to Stop or Suspend the APP
    1. We reserve the right to suspend or stop the all or portion of The APP without prior notice to users due to the following reasons:
      1. The time when the APP operation equipment need the periodic or emergency maintenance and repair.
      2. We will not bear the responsibility which leads to APP could not be used due to provisions of law and the force majeure. Force majeure as referred to this item means fire, power outages, accidents, war, social unrest, riots, labor disputes, natural disasters, computer viruses, etc.
      3. According to the provisions of item No. 7, user violates of responsibilities and obligations.
      4. Other necessary time judged by Company.
    2. The Company could unilaterally and arbitrarily change, add, repeal or complete termination on all or portion of APP according to its judgment without prior notice to Users.
    3. Any damages arising by above items No.11.11 and No.11.12, the Company do not bear the compensation for damages or compensation responsibility.
  12. 12.Exemption matters
    1. The Company is not obliged to carry any responsibilities of the following items of APP:(including the function, content provided in this APP , project and others)certainty, accuracy, safety, usefulness, morality, appropriateness, legitimacy, whether recognition of copyright or not, suitability for a particular purpose, whether to run normally in computer and mobile phone operation or not. And the company doesn’t promise that APP won’t be interrupted, suspended, annulled, and not guarantees that user can log in at any time and ensures safety ect.
    2. The company is not liable to User for any loss or damage caused by the usage or could not be used of this APP(including, but not only limited to the direct damages, special damages, accidental injury, derived damage, loss of profits, etc.).
    3. The accountability contained above, no matter whether the company aware the possibility of such damages in advance or not, Company doesn’t assume any liability.
    4. If the Company has intent or gross negligence violations, which is affirmed to be wrongful behavior by the judiciary in accordance with Consumer Protection Law, the Company should compensate for User, the aggregate amount of compensation could not exceed the actual amount customer paid.
    5. If User causes infringement of legal rights with the Third Party due to the usage of APP , the Company will not assume any responsibility in assisting resolution, the user shall resolve above situation by himself/herself and could not cause any prejudice to the Company.
  13. 13.Assignment and Delegation
    1. In addition to situation that the company give written commitment in advance, The Terms is not allowed to be released, transfered, objects of guarantee or use other ways to delegate The terms to the Third Party
    2. If the Company transfers The APP to other legal person, the effectiveness of the terms, right and obligations arising from the item, User’s log in items and other User data, are transferred to the legal person together with the transfer matter. User agrees to foregoing items is deemed to consented the transfer behavior. The career transfer pointed in this item, in addition to the general definition of career transfer, may contains company splitting independently or other career transfer, ect.
  14. 14.Effectiveness of The terms
    1. Any part of this item or upgrading items invalid will not affect the effectiveness of other items.
    2. The relationship is invalid or cancelled between user and any part of this item or upgrading items will not affect the relationship between other users and this item or upgrading items.
  15. 15.The Right to Vary
    1. The company reserves the right to change and update items arbitrarily in accordance with it’s judgment. The changed and updated contents shall be informed the user by published in APP or other ways.
    2. If the User continue to use the APP after changing and upgrading items, he/she will be deemed to know and agree with the terms and all its changed contents.
  16. 16.Governing Law and JurisdictionThis item is in the law of the Republic of China as the governing law.All of the litigation related in the item, both the company and User are mutually agreed to the New Taipei District Court as the first instance jurisdiction court.

Thanks again for your participation and feedback!VDartsGame sincerely hopes that you can have more fun and enjoy yourself when you use the APP, because we will take your joy as our glory.