Monthly Archives: May 2016

Playing on multiple devices

For a smooth operation of the board, please use one device after verifying with VDARTS H2/H2L. If you use another device to connect the dartboard, please disconnect the old device , or make sure do not turn on both devices when the dartboard trying to connect device.

Note: With the new device takes longer connection time, because dartboard bluetooth will automatically try searching for the device have been used.

App froze

app froze while updating

Exit the APP, or Restart the phone, and re-download。Or try to download the APP from other markets

app froze after few games

Please check that the device meets the type and OS requirements and has the proper settings and memory, Exit the APP, or Restart device.

How to get your app on the big screen

Please use the services available from the device company such as HDMI terminal and Apple TV. Use your phone (tablet) to connect above devices, and operating APP on your phone (tablet),

NOTE:VDARTS GAME APP can not be used on the TV with remote control.